Circle of Rhythm

Circle of Rhythm with Sandy Evans

“Percussion Group” does not adequately describe this unique collaboration between three of Australia’s best loved rhythmatists. Yes, percussion instruments are played, dexterously, innovatively and with an astonishing degree of virtuosity, but what Circle of Rhythm offer is beyond the boundaries of the standard percussion group. Greg Sheehan, Ben Walsh and Bobby Singh have, as individuals, changed the landscape of music in Australia. The Circle of Rhythm brings together their years of collaborative work and worlds of experience creating a new force in rhythm to showcase to the world. Blending soul, emotion and feel with technical mastery and coupled with a formidably in-depth knowledge of the rhythms of other gives Circle of Rhythm a point of difference to other percussion groups.

In their hands all objects become instruments… Their new album, “The Golden Mean”, has cake tins, vines, children’s toys, tabla, junk percussion, mouth harps, and much more–a disparate group of elements that somehow find an enticing new home in the world of the Circle of Rhythm.


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