Waldo Fabian Sextet

Waldo Fabian (Dr Waldo Fabian Garrido)

Waldo is a renowned bassist, composer, singer, and producer who has worked with The Party Boys, Floyd Vincent, Disco Montego, Delta Goodrem, Swoop, Anthony Copping and Robin Loau and the Catholics.

He has released 4 albums including Dejame Tocarte, a South American release through Sony Loco (Festival/Mushroom records), Groovy Cumbia (Bamboozle Music), Dreaming in Colour (Bamboozle Music and Hiresounds) and Viaje A Chiloe (Bamboozle Music and Hiresounds). He is currently recording a new project with Frank Gambale (Chick Corea Band) Alex Acuña (Weather report), Jorge Vera and Nacho Mena (Ornette Coleman). This project will be mixed and co-produced by 6-time Garmmy winner Mauricio Guerreo.

Most recently Waldo has also provided songs for the STAN TV show Bump, series 1, 2 and 3. Has been working on new tracks with Spanish DJ Danny Perez and the Mexican star Latin house DJ Mijangos for the UK dance label Native Music. Is working with local red-carpet DJs Adam Stivale and Ant Celestino from One Love Records and with star drummer Cliff Hewitt (Apollo 440) on a new album.

Waldo is a member of Centre for Elite Performance, Expertise and Training at Macquarie University, ICS (WSU) and MARCS Institute (WSU) and is the Academic Course Advisor, Music at Western Sydney University.

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