Diamond Theory: An Approach To Practice, Application and Composition

Greg Sheehan

WORKSHOP – Diamond Theory: An Approach To Practice, Application and Composition 

Greg will guide you thru a hands-on approach to his unique Diamonds’ system of maths music which he has developed over the last four decades. He will explain the various formulas, shapes and designs which come alive thru practice and eventually through compositional application. Greg’s passion and enthausium for these number combinations shines through when leading workshops and participants often feel exhilarated. Through hand-clapping and simple body percussion the ideas become clear, so no instruments are needed.

Maximum number of participants: 30

Open to: 

>Percussionists & Drummers of all stripes

>Other musicians

>Upper high school percussion students (Years10-12)

>Tertiary percussion students

>General public

>Non-participating audience members in an observing capacity

>90 minutes

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