Afternoon Beats Afro-Cuban Percussion and Dance: A Cultural Connection

Juan Carlos Allende & Adrian Medina


Juan Carlos Allende and Cuban Dancer / Choreographer Adrian Medina will demonstrate how the batá drums function and the relationship between rhythmic patterns played on batá and Cuban folkloric dance. This is a movement, clapping and singing workshop so wear comfortable clothing and prepare to have loads of fun.

Cuban dancer / choreographer Adrian Medina has worked for the Narciso Medina, the Tropicana dance company in Cuba, The Australian Dance Theatre, Leigh Warren and dancers and the Australia Ballet as well as being a principal dancer in the smash hit show Havana Night’s which toured the world in 2000 and 2001.  In recent years Adrian has focused on bringing the dance a culture of cuba to Australians through teaching and facilitating genuine experiences.  He is part of the touring show Havana Returns with Sydney band Caribe and is regularly in demand for masterclasses across Australia and New Zealand.  In 2003 Adrian was Awarded with a Distinguish Talent Visa (Performing Arts) the Government of Australia and supported by the South Australian (Adelaide) Council for all the work done with the community and the industry.

Cuban batá player Juan Carlos Allende  career spans more than 30 years and four continents, excelling in performing on many percussion instruments from cultures around the world. Genres include classical, pop and traditional music.

Juan Carlos continues to tour internationally with groups such as SonSiboney performing traditional Cuban music. He currently resides in Australia performing with Ay Pachanga, ALLY and Caribé.

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